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PMC delivers technology solutions based on your individual needs. Our consultants are well versed in many technology areas and in the science of cost reduction. We will always tell you the best and most cost-effective way to achieve a solution.

Our Areas of Expertise:

Database Architecture and Design

Architecture is about the form, shape and size of a structure as related to the purpose of the structure. The architectural details of a database structure are developed during the business concept development and requirements definition phase of the project. The database design and engineering phase of a project should closely follow the concept and requirements phase of a business system design. Our Database Design section will include information on the Relational Model, logical and physical modelling, DBMS's, SQL and the design process for data base systems. Our Database consulting page specifies the services that we offer.

General Computer Consulting

Manufacturing Applications Consulting

We can offer you a wide variety of consulting services related to manufacturing software - including sourcing, design, troubleshooting of current systems, system evaluation, plus, creation and installation of software and hardware choice and installation functions.

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